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My Change

** Notice Regarding Referrals- February 2019**


  • The My Change programme is in high demand which is currently outstripping capacity in get set.  This is leading to pressure on staff involved with running the programme and discontent for waiting clients.
  • To manage this situation, My Change referrals are now frozen until further notice to allow time to clear the waiting lists and confirm future plans for the programme

My Change is a new addition to the Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (SIDAS) and the Somerset communities.

Funding was made available by the Avon and Somerset Police Crime Commissioner for a Train the Trainer programme to be developed, with SIDAS staff training other professionals to deliver victim and perpetrator groups.

Its purpose is to support families who have been identified as experiencing low level risk of harm through the impact of Domestic Abuse and provide Early Help interventions, to prevent the escalation of Domestic Abuse to higher risk levels.

The courses are delivered for victims & abusers aged 18 and above who wish to access support for understanding their behaviour, understanding what abuse means and the impact it can have on their partners and children, along with the benefits of change.

MyChange is split into two courses -  Becoming Respectful & Overcoming Abuse. Both courses are 12 weeks long and are voluntary. They will be run by Get Set Staff & One Teams across South Somerset, Mendip, Sedgemoor, Taunton Deane, & West Somerset.

Becoming Respectful is for 'Low Level' Abusers who have identified themselves or it has been identified to them that their relationship is unhealthy and they need support and guidance to understand their behaviour and its effects on their partner & children. The course will give them skills with understanding situations and ways to help them react in a different way to avoid negative consequences. The course is for people who are in an abusive relationship currently or who have been in an abusive relationship in the past and wish to address their behaviour.

Overcoming Abuse is for 'Low Level' Victims who feel they need support in moving forward from an unhealthy and abusive relationship. The course is designed to help increase their understanding of abuse and the effects it has on them and their children. It also helps to give them an understanding of the different types of abuse and to spot early signs of abuse to stop it from happening again or escalating in a current relationship. The course is also to help support the victims if their partner/ex-partner is attending the Becoming Respectful course to ensure they have an understanding of the content and to maintain their safety.

Supporting documents:
Please see the notice at the top of this page - No My Change Referrals Are Currently Being Accepted

My Change Leaflet 
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Becoming Respectful Referral Form
Overcoming Abuse DASH RIC
Overcoming Abuse Referral Form

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